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9:40pm 11-22-2019
simon gordon
hi there like all your new designs and you fingers hitting the wrong keys on what u wrote
love bro
8:59pm 11-17-2019
simon gordon
Hi there like your sigs on site keep up the good work
love bro xxx
2:42pm 04-22-2019
Sorry to hear about your troubles, would love to kiss all your sore bits better x
Replied on: 2:00pm 04-30-2019

Dont know if you would have enough kisses for that !

3:10pm 05-11-2018
Have you ever thought of gining people your blanks to use?
Replied on: 2:02pm 04-30-2019

Yes I do give some but not many sorry

6:26am 01-05-2018
Thanks for stopping in why not leave a polite hello or something !